Precision Machining
GESAC has a machine shop with CNC Mills, CNC Lathe, manual
lathe, and manual mills.  A CMM is available for quality control of
parts.  Also available are a Shadowgraph, and a mini-Rockwell tester.  
A full description of facilities and capabilities is available in We follow
Mil-Std-45208A quality control system.  Our inventory control system is
computerised and bar code based.

Our Dimensions Rapid Prototyping [RP] machine can produce rapid
prototypes in ABS.  RP parts can be connected by hardware or pinned
together, and are damaged by dropping, etc.  

The RP machine is complemented by a Picza 3-D scanner.  Thus, we
can scan and create STL files from a user supplied part and RP it.  
The scanned part can also be converted to a STA file that can be sent
to our machine shop for machining.  Thus, we can reverse engineer a
customer supplied part.  

GESAC can design and machine moulds and precision parts from
metals and non-metals.  Picture on the left shows a mould for the
abdomen of the NT dummy.  A picture of the abdomen installed in the
Thor NT dummy will be seen if the mouse is passed over the image of
the mould.

We can start with an idea provided by the customer, design, and
develop the article, machine parts and assemblies, assemble the final
part and test it if needed.  We use FeatureCAM software to develop
machining programmes and our machinists are capable of setting up
the CNC machines for unattended operation.

Please click on this line to read a summary of the facilities and
capabilities in PPT format.
NT abdomen mould and abdomen on the dummy