Since its founding, staff at GESAC have striven to find elegant and
cost effective solutions to a variety of difficult problems.  The problems
we have tried to solve cover areas such as development of PC based
graphical software development when PCs were still being powered
with 80286 chips, modelling the effect of environment on humans,
development of sensors and miniature Data Acquisition Systems

Our work has been funded by both the Federal Government and
commercial companies.  We have completed a number of projects for
the Department of Transportation, the US Army, the US Air Force, and
the FAA.  Thor NT, Thor 5th female, LX and FLX advanced lower
extremities for crash test dummies were developed under funding from
th DoT.  In addition, we have completed a number of projects in
support of rule making for the NHTSA.  DYNAMAN occupant
simulation software was developed under a SBIR grant from
Wright-Patterson AFB, and we have developed models to estimate
penetration of bullets into bodies as a part of the LiveFire programme
for WPAFB.  

Companies such as Honda, Japan and Toyota, Japan have funded
dummy and dummy component design and R&D oriented projects of
varying sizes.  The Polar pedestrian dummy was developed under
funding from Honda.  The Austrian Motoring Club has funded the
development of a set of 6 NPACS dummies used in evaluating fit of
child seats.  

In the course of the last 20 years, we have won several SBIR projects
from various departments of the Federal Government.  

Much more information about all our products and services are
available in appropriate sections of this website.  

We are always aware that the main reason why we are still here after
all these years is because of our customers and do our best to satisfy
our customers.  

Please try us out, give us a project to do, and we are sure that you will
be happy with the results.  
Child flotation manikin on seat above test tank