Papers and Reports
Over the years, GESAC staff have made a number or presentations at
conferences and written a number of papers.  A selected list of these
presentations and papers is provided on this page.  Presentations are
generally in PPT format and can be downloaded.  Paper citations are
provided so they can be purchased from the appropriate organisation.  
You are welcome to use any of the material on this page on linked to
it, however, please ensure that the material used is properly attributed.

  Measurement capabilities of 3.4 Kg dummy. This presentation
provides information about the anthropometry, biofidelity and
measurement capabilities of the 3.4 Kg infant dummy.  

Measurement of abdominal penetration in infant dummies. This
presentation describes a sensor system developed to measure
abdominal penetration in infant dummies.

Design of 2.5 Kg infant Dummy.  This presentation describes the
design, development, manufacture and testing of a 2.5 Kg, biofidelic,
instrumented infant dummy.

FE model of infant eye. This presentation describes a finite element
model of an infant eye developed to evaluate the effect of angular and
linear acceleration on the dynamics of the eye and to try and
understand the causes of retinal hemorrhage [RH].

Evaluation of brain injury potential using SImon Dynamic test data
from shaking tests of 2.5 Kg infant dummy were used to exercise the
SImon finite element head and brain model to evaluate the potential
for injury.  This presentation describes the methodology and results.  

Description of NPACS dummies.  This presentation describes the
design and anthropometry of 6 NPACS dummies.  
FE Model of infant eye