Simulation of child seat on a sled
DYNAMAN© occupant simulation software was developed by GESAC
and we sell and service this software.  This software was developed as
a part of a SBIR Phase I and II project funded by the USAF,
Wright-Patterson AFB.  On this page, please see a link to a PPT file
that will provide some information about DYNAMAN.  AVI files have
been attached to the PPT presentation so that you can see the
animated sequence of various types of simulation by double clicking
on the pictures.  

Click on this link to watch a PPT show about DYNAMAN software.

GESAC has developed a simulation tool to evaluate the effectiveness
of PFDs and the amount of body heat lost in water.  This software
named DynPFDSim enables the user to select the anthropometry of
the PFD wearer, the size and segmentation of the PFD, and wave
height and speed.  The software also estimates body heat loss to the

Click on this link to watch PPT show about DynPFDSim software